By the end of 2020, let's create a world where university students can

participate in practical space projects in the country.

Chasqui I

One of the firsts peruvian satellite

The "Research Nanosatellite Chasqui I" project is the first satellite project

of the National University of Engineering and its main objective the

improvement of capabilities in satellite technology UNI.



About us

University Space Engineering Consortium (UNISEC) Global envisions a world where space science and technology are used by individuals and institutions in every country, rich or poor, and offers opportunities across the whole structure of society – whether academic, industrial or educational – for peaceful purposes and for the benefit of humankind.


To create national and international collaboration networks between students and professors to perform space activities.


Gather aerospace researchers and create networks between national and international researchers and institutions.

  • Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria

    Professor: Phd. Hector Manuel Bedon Monzon

  • Universidad Nacional de Piura

    Professor: Msc. Luis Alberto Calderon Pinedo

  • Universidad Nacional de Trujillo

    Professor: Msc. Luis Julca Verastegui

  • Universidad Nacional Jose Maria Arguedas

    Professor: PhD. Florentino Lazaro Mendoza Marin

  • Instituto Nacional de Investigación y Capacitación de Telecomunicaciones

    Professor: Ing. José Oliden

  • Centro de Tecnologías de Información y Comunicación

    Assesor: Ing. Margarita Mondragon


Last projects
Arliss Cansat Rover Competition.
Peruvian Cubesat.
CLTP Japan Training.

what we do
  • Arliss 2015

    Participation in cansat contest.

  • Modelo Cansat Rover

  • 2nd UNISEC-Global Meeting Japan

  • Cansat Launch in Arliss 2015

  • LionSAT

    Development 1U cubesat in CTIC-UNI.

  • Black rock Desert in Nevada State



Student members

Current student members from different universities